"Knowing yourself is the
beginning of all wisdom." ~Aristotle


"I am not afraid of storms for I am learning
how to sail my ship." ~Louise May Alcott


"The road to success is not a path you
find but a trail you blaze." ~Robert Brault


Counselling, Coaching, Consulting


Imagine yourself living the life you have always envisioned…

Meaningful relationships filled with joy, respect and fun. Feeling loved with a sense of belonging.

Passionate work that fulfils you on a soul level. Feeling that your contributions at work are valued and appreciated.

Abundance in all aspects of your life….financial, social, spiritual, physical

Creating the optimal environment to nurture our personal growth

I believe whole heartedly in the potential of people… Each one of us has unique talents and gifts that have great value. There are no limits to what you can do and achieve given the appropriate conditions. Life experiences may get in the way of believing in our self and ability to create the life we desire…the dreams we want to fulfill. We all go through turbulent times in our lives where the clarity we seek is not always visible. This may make us lose ourselves in a chaotic mess and forget the beautiful attributes we possess. The process of therapy can help us clarify what really matters and is meaningful by facing and working through the challenges of life.

With commitment, willingness and the desire to initiate action, change is always possible. My intention is to always facilitate an experience that serves to empower you by developing insight and awareness to identify what may be holding you back. What are your limiting thoughts, emotions and actions? With knowledge of our belief systems, values and a deeper understanding of our patterns of behavior along with learning the appropriate skill set, change emerges.

“Dreams are illustrations… from the book your soul is writing about you.”

~ Marsha Norman

Are you ready to invest time in yourself and your own personal growth?

The endeavor to dig deep within ourselves and take the leap to self-discovery reveals the beautiful gems that already exist within us. As with anything worth having, the process takes time but uncovers your magnificence that has always been there.


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